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MizAnni [userpic]

Prayer in the Days Before Advent

November 27th, 2012 (10:20 pm)

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Prayer in the Days Before Advent

My brother, Jesus. It happens every year. I think that this will be the year that I have a reflective Advent.

I look forward to Sunday and this new season, Jesus. But all around me are the signs rushing me to Christmas and some kind of celebration that equates spending with love.

I need your help. I want to slow my world down. This year, more than ever, I need Advent, these weeks of reflection and longing for hope in the darkness.

Jesus, this year, help me to have that longing. Help me to feel it in my heart and be aware of the hunger and thirst in my own soul. Deep down, I know there is something missing in my life, but I can’t quite reach for it. I can’t get what is missing.

I know it is about you, Jesus. You are not missing from my life, but I might be missing the awareness of all of the places you are present there.

Be with me, my dear friend. Guide me in these weeks to what you want to show me this Advent. Help me to be vulnerable enough to ask you to lead me to the place of my own weakness, the very place where I will find you the most deeply embedded in my heart, loving me without limits.

MizAnni [userpic]

proud moment

May 3rd, 2012 (01:36 pm)

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i overheard part of a conversation my dad had with his eldest brother.  he was telling Uncle Joe about my job, and said things like.....

she works with computers, and "she's VERY good at it"...
she gets paid as much as i do, "and is worth every penny"

so nice to hear, since he doesn't always remember to tell me directly that he's proud of me. 

MizAnni [userpic]

Pangur Ban

November 1st, 2011 (09:24 pm)

current mood: happy
current song:

Pangur Ban

I and Pangur Ban my cat,
Tis a like task we are at:
Hunting mice is his delight,
Hunting words I sit all night.

Better far than praise of men
Tis to sit with book and pen;
Pangur bears me no ill will,
He too plies his simple skill.

Tis a merry thing to see
At our tasks how glad are we,
When at home we sit and find
Entertainment to our mind.

Oftentimes a mouse will stray
In the hero Pangur's way;
Oftentimes my keen thought set
Takes a meaning in its net.

'Gainst the wall he sets his eye
Full and fierce and sharp and sly;
'Gainst the wall of knowledge I
All my little wisdom try.

When a mouse darts from its den
O how glad is Pangur then!
O what gladness do I prove
When I solve the doubts I love!

So in peace our tasks we ply,
Pangur Ban, my cat, and I;
In our arts we find our bliss,
I have mine and he has his.

Practice every day has made
Pangur perfect in his trade;
I get wisdom day and night
Turning darkness into light.

This poem was written in the 8th or 9th century, on a 4-page manuscript
by an anonymous Irish Benedictine monk who lived in the extant St. Paul's
Monastery on Reichenau Island in Lake Constance (Bodensee), where Germany
meets with Carinthia, Austria. Imagine the monk at night in his candlelit
cell, delving into Sacred Scripture's eternal Truths, together and happy
with his kitty, who went about his own business. Little did he know that
1,200 years later, others would fall in love with Pangur Ban, too.

MizAnni [userpic]


March 17th, 2011 (10:51 pm)

current mood: amused

Once in a land far, far away there lived a group of people called Trids. The Trids were happy except for the huge ogre that lived on the mountain. The ogre would periodically terrorize the Trids.

The Trids tired of the ogre and sought to reason with him. They thought one of their religious leaders would be a good intermediary. So a group of Trids and their minister went up the mountain and before they could even say one word the ogre kicked them down the mountain. Not being dismayed the Trids thought that maybe the ogre was Catholic, so they sent another delegation, this time led by the local priest. But alas, as they approached the ogre he once again kicked them all down the mountain.

The Trids were upset until they thought that perhaps the ogre was Jewish. Unfortunately, no Trids were Jewish, so they wrote to the people of another land and asked them to send a Rabbi to help them with the ogre. The Rabbi arrived and led a delegation of Trids up the mountain. The ogre saw them coming and kicked all of them, except for the Rabbi, down the mountain. The Rabbi, having been told of the previous expeditions, wondered why he alone had not been kicked down the mountain, so he asked the ogre. The ogre laughed and replied:

"Silly Rabbi, kicks are for Trids!"

MizAnni [userpic]

(no subject)

March 2nd, 2011 (04:18 pm)

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MizAnni [userpic]


January 28th, 2011 (11:21 pm)

current mood: aggravated

i tuned in to a few minutes of Hawaii Five-0 in the hopes of seeing Alex O'Loughlin's abs, but he is wearing a bulletproof vest.  curses!  foiled again!

i guess this will have to tide me over:

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geek moment

January 28th, 2011 (12:17 pm)
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my friend and i frequently have a wee dram of Bailey's in her office at the end of the day.  yesterday i took in my bottle from home (since we were out at the office) and left it there for future consumption, but today i am working from home.

i just im'd her this:
i may have to go buy baileys...

all my baileys are belong to you

MizAnni [userpic]

Father Jim Mifsud - Requiescat in pace

October 2nd, 2010 (12:24 pm)

current location: United States, Illinois, Lincolnshire
current mood: melancholy

Father Jim Mifsud, retired pastor of San Jose's Queen of Apostles Church, dies at age 75 - San Jose Mercury News


MizAnni [userpic]

time for me to go get some haircolor!

April 29th, 2010 (04:31 pm)

current mood: amused


MizAnni [userpic]

uh oh...

January 25th, 2010 (06:57 pm)

current mood: surprised

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